About Me

Hello Dear, Thank you for checking out my blog. Let me tell you something about me. I have been working in the Experiential Marketing industry for the past 6 years of my life and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about how the consumers think and approach products. Similarly, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about how do advertisers think and the role that social media is playing in the mix. I’ve learned to make excellent Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and along with making stellar presentations I’ve got a knack for writing as well. Combine the two and you get awesome presentations that wow the room. Furthermore, Mental health is a subject that attracts me a lot.

As you may never know what is going on inside a person’s head until you really pay attention and listen. Each person is unique and we can learn so much from the people around us. With sheer curiosity and interest to know more about what conspires in people’s minds. I intend to write articles on not only mental health but also about experiential marketing. With a smattering of subjects from here and there.

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About the Author: A marketing expert with an experience in marketing activations and a meditation enthusiast
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