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Anxious Annie: The Mess

It has been a while since Annie had paid a visit to the Attic. It was a wonderful place, once, full of joyous moments and excitement. Her dreams all embedded in one corner, she was the lady being crowned in the mirror & on the day bed laughing her head off with her friends. So much, she knew about that place yet so little, she felt like a stranger now entering that room, it had become a shrine of the olden days. She could hear the murmurs of laughter and giggles of her younger self, yet the silence engulfed her, as she felt the dust settle in. Unappealing, she thought to herself, that’s the word that’s how she described it. Now, she had to upgrade the room, to make it more appealing and modern while staying real to her basics. She was all grown up now, leaving the dreams of the teenager behind, she was now a woman trying to meet the standards of the society. She looked around to find herself staring at an image of her younger self, the hopes and dreams shining bright in the eyes of the child standing on the stage receiving a trophy for wining a painting competition. She felt the memory flash through her, as she stared at the face beaming with pride and pure glee. Now it all seemed like a dream, as she grew up, her personality transitioned into being the perfect lady, with the polished smile and look of serenity on her face. She couldn’t help but wonder, she knew better now or did she know better back then? Who makes the rules of the society anyways? Who decides what the right thing to do is and what the wrong one is. Her mind became as muddled as was the room was, at the moment, one thing on top of the other while everything misplaced just like her life. There was a lot of fixing to do and she had to buckle up.

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Photo Credits: Fox Lipped Girl, Click here to check out her work,



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