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    How to make efficient use of hashtags

    Hashtags, who knew they would become such a popular phenomenon. The simple pound sign that nobody ever used is now being used around the world to express everything. The greatness of the hashtag is that it can be used for…

  • Brand Ambassadors hiring and training

    Brand Ambassadors The Emerging Market

    Brand Ambassadors the Emerging market As we have already understood that Experiential marketing is a consumer’s one on one interaction with the brand. This means that there are people directly engaging with consumers. Now, who are these people who we…

  • Experiential marketing, cost sheet, how to build marketing budget

    How Much Does Experiential Marketing Cost?

    How to Build an Experiential marketing budget Well in order to understand how much do the experiential marketing activities cost we must understand a few things first. The Scale and the scope of the activity. In every brief, you ever…

  • experiential marketing agency

    What is an Experiential Marketing Agency

    An experiential marketing firm is an agency that you partner with to conduct activations on your behalf. If you want to engage half a million people with an activity. All the work that you need to do to make it…

  • photo booth activation selfie booth 3D photo booth

    Creative Photo Booth for Corporate events

    For cool photo booth ideas for events, the thought is to build an activity that can go viral and can create a buzz online. Creating a Creative Photo Booth for Corporate events for your consumers is a great way to…

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    Experiential Marketing: Definition and Strategies

    Definition of Experiential marketing: Experiential marketing is the process of creating an immersive experience for the consumer. Experiential marketing allows consumers to engage with the brand. With experiential marketing, the sky is the limit. From an instore activity to a…

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    Late Night Whims

    I wasn’t looking for comfort. No! I am not looking for support. It is hard to know exactly what I am looking for at this time. Throwing myself into Netflix watching shows one after the other not finding the solace…

  • how not to fall for the wrong guy

    How not to fall for the wrong guy!

    Have you ever been attracted to the wrong guy? Who is not right for you and you know it will never work? Although clear signs and signals are telling you to stop. You can’t stop the feelings bubbling inside you,…

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    Coping with reality

    Coping with reality is the hardest thing to do in the world to adjust to the reality that you are living in. I can honestly tell you this since I lost my mother in October 2019 so adjusting to the…

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    Learn to love and respect yourself

    We live in a world where judgments are passed on to everyone and everything. From your online existence to offline your appearance, its all judged and you are constantly under the abuse of the society to do better and be…

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