“Bas Aik Cup Chai” A True Love Story

Once upon a time, my friend asked me over to her place and i asked her only to serve a cup of tea, what will later be known as the Masala Tea and will become my most favorite tea of all time, now as i frequent her place, all i ask for is;

“Bas Aik cup Chai”.

The most common sentence heard in every household of Pakistan, from the most joyous of occasions to the saddest ones, the one thing that is always there is a good cup of tea.
Pakistan is among the highest consumers of Tea around the globe, with more than 200,000 tons being consumed per year. And the number is expected to increase with time. Historically and culturally, tea parties are British in descent, remnants of British Raj, which was commenced in the Sub-continent in 1874.

Never worked without a Cup of blistering hot tea

Tea, however, has become a staple of each household in Pakistan from the first cup of tea at breakfast table till the last cup after dinner. In our eyes it’s not just tea, it’s our partner helping us tackle any situation, be it the first awkward encounter on the rishta scene, or a companion who needs a shoulder to cry on. A cup of tea solves it all.
The market seems to be growing bigger and bigger, as tea is a fast moving consumer good and is available to everyone, the poor and rich, equally. Considering the demand in the market, a large number of tea whiteners and tea brands have entered the market to help meet the demand.

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From Masala Chai to Cardomom tea, there is a vast variety to choose from. A variety of brands are now offering all the flavors one can possibly think of. My first ever introduction to Masala Chai was at Chai Kada with my dear friends from work. I have been in love with the tea ever since and when ever we hang out, we always either go to Chai Kada or make it at home ourselves. Because nothing beats the absolute deliciousness of the Masala Chai.

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However, tea is a very personal intimate thing for all of us, each one of us has a different taste for it. We all like our tea to be a specific taste as well as a specific color, sugar free or with sugar. Nevertheless, the place it holds in our hearts, can never be captured in any of the advertisements, that have been blasting on the TV for the past couple of years. From tv shows to road shows, the brands have taken over, and have guaranteed a spot on the shelf of the consumer’s household meanwhile made a place in the hearts that can never be replaced with coffee.

We Pakistanis love our chai hot, and our memes cold. Talking about tea, how can we not talk about the greatest moment for the Pakistani meme lovers happened as Abhinandan the Indian Air Force Pilot gave the Pakistani Tea his stamp of approval. The Pakistani and Indian trolls got to work and the internet was filled with Abhinandan and the phrase, “the tea is fantastic”.


Tea for us is not just a beverage but its a love story that lasts for ages and it holds a very special place in our hearts. Lastly, i leave you with the opportunity to buy this mug from, click on the image above to shop.

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