Brand Ambassadors hiring and training

Brand Ambassadors The Emerging Market

Brand Ambassadors the Emerging market

As we have already understood that Experiential marketing is a consumer’s one on one interaction with the brand. This means that there are people directly engaging with consumers. Now, who are these people who we hire to engage with the consumers and represent the brand in the perfect light? Brand ambassadors the emerging market has taken over the mainstream malls and stores where you see many people directing your attention to specific brands. These people are known as brand ambassadors who interact with the consumers who are visiting your stall or booth. To make perfect use of this resource the brand team conducts training sessions with the brand ambassadors to fully equip them with the brand guidelines.

Due to experiential marketing, a new employment opportunity for the youth has emerged. As these brand ambassadors, learn the brief provided by the brand, stand at the stall to engage the incoming traffic.

Brand ambassadors

Why are brand ambassadors the emerging market:

With the rising importance of engaging consumers, one on one the brands have become more aware of consumer-driven campaigns. Engaging consumers, while they are shopping, is a tactic called impulsive buying facilitated by brand ambassadors. This allows for brands to engage consumers and ensure that the lead is captured and a sale is generated on the spot. 

Who is the brand ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are people who are responsible for engaging consumers on the stall and offering to explain the specifics about the product to the consumers. As these are the people who first come in contact with the consumers. You want to make sure that you are hiring brand ambassadors who have good spoken English skills and have a great personality to deal with all kinds of consumers.

What to look for in a brand ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are chosen on specific personality traits along with looks and language: Some of the characteristics are mentioned below:

  • Well versed in the English language
  • Well versed in the native language
  • Smiling personality
  • Well Groomed
  • Understanding of the brand USPs(unique selling points)

How to categorize brand ambassadors:

There are three major categories that each of the brand ambassadors falls into and these categories Based on all of the above-mentioned traits brand ambassadors are divided into 3 categories.

  • Category A
  • Category B
  • Category C

Let us list down some key features that will help us establish what are these categories based on: 

  • Good Looking

Yes, its a sad truth but an honest one. We look for brand ambassadors with smiling faces and good looks. 

  • Well Groomed

Brands really do focus on ensuring that the brand ambassadors that are the representatives of the brand at that point to be well-groomed. The same applies to the salespersons, every company wants to ensure that the salespersons that represent them look well-groomed and polished. 

  • English Speaking

Yes, the majority of the brands require their brand ambassadors to be well versed in the English language. This trait however largely depends on where the brand ambassadors are going to be stationed about which we will talk a bit later. 

  • Experience

Most brands also require their brand ambassadors to be well experienced in the job which ensures they have a good practice of conducting the activity along with being able to interact with the consumers frankly. 

  • Interaction

It is also noted among many brand teams that they require someone who is great with engaging the audience. In some cases, the brand team will even ask for trails by being the customer and ask to be engaged by the brand ambassador. This allows them to note the behavior of the brand ambassador on the spot and how well do they perform during the interaction. 

Salaries and TAFA:

Since the brand ambassadors, have to travel to the locations by themselves(if the activity is within the city) then the agency is liable to pay the transportation costs. Along with that, it is noted that the food allowance for the full day activity is also allocated for the brand ambassadors. Keeping in mind the categories that each brand ambassador belongs to the rates for TAFA may also vary. 

This is what it looks like if you build it in the cost:

Sr.No Item Qty Days  Cost Total
1 Brand ambassadors  12 3 2600 93600
2 Food Allowance  12 3 400 14400
3 Transportation Allowance 12 3 700 25200
4 Total  133200

Disclaimer: All figures are hypothetical and have no link to any costing delivered by any agency to client and are based on fictional data. 

To perform this simple mathematical formula all you need is two formulas that are: =sum(range) and =B3*C3*D4. 

Add these formulas to your totals bar and duplicate it for the rest of the rows. Meanwhile the last final total you have to use the sum formula. 

Keeping in mind the categories that each brand ambassadors belong to each category has its own price rate. Some brand ambassadors charge per day and those charges may differ depending on the kind of activity.

Selection Criteria

As far as we all know the three major factors that play a key role in the selection of a brand ambassador which can be found below:

  • Good looks or well-groomed
  • Communication Skills
  • Well versed in the English language and native language

Hiring brand ambassadors

In order to hire the brand ambassadors, they are provided a brief from the client and asked to come on a later date to see if they remember the brief and are able to deliver.

Hiring Brand Ambassadors is a relevantly easy job since there is a dedicated resource in the agency that handles HR hiring for all the projects. Hence these brand ambassadors that do get hired have their own profiles maintained within the company. Which makes the hiring process simple and easy. However, getting Brand Ambassadors approved by the Client Servicing team can be a challenge as they want the best at the lowest price. Which is hard to do with the way things are financially around the world. 

Training the brand ambassadors

Training brand ambassadors

Every brand ambassador that is hired for any activity at all is trained by the Client and the client servicing team. Therefore, making sure they understand their JD(Job description) and perform their roles accordingly. Each brand ambassador is also provided with a uniform to wear for specific activities. Because of, the fact that they are the representative of the brand at that point makes them a valuable resource and they must pass the scrutiny of the brand team on the event as well as during training sessions. 

Final Word:

At the end of the day, these brand ambassadors play the role that we cant. They not only engage the consumers but use persuasive skills to make the sale. Each brand ambassador follows the guidelines provided by the agency and the brand. This turns into the brand ambassadors earning a good amount of money for their services. Furthermore, they are registered with the agency for life in which case all future opportunities can be availed by these brand ambassadors.

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