Dear mom with love 💕

It’s been less than a month since my mother passed away. The weirdest part is I do not feel as though she has left me. Do mother’s really leaving their children’s side ever? Not really! I don’t believe that my mother has died. She lives inside me, In my memories. She moves with me everywhere I go and I can feel her presence always watching over me. I can never lose my mother. Mothers NEVER DIE, they only stop living in the world and move to the world far greater and immense than ours. This also makes me wonder how many people of my generation do actually prepare for their afterlife. Does the thought even pass the minds that we have to one day die and it will be just us in front of God with our deeds? I didn’t, I don’t think the thought passed my mind to plan for my afterlife. 

To make sure that I live my life the way Allah wants us to and to find pleasure and satisfaction in his will. We are so busy planning our next shopping trip or planning to buy the most expensive products. We don’t spend any time to look into what are we doing for our life that will be forever. My mother’s death has left me wondering what have I done in my life. What will people say when I pass away.As I hear all good things about my mom as people gather every day, I wonder what impact did I make on people who I interact with. Do they consider me a friend or a foe? Have I ever presented an opportunity to let people open up to me and Be a good friend? I fear I am extremely unprepared yet I do not fear death anymore. I feel as if it will offer me the opportunity to meet my maker and my mom. As my love and faith in Him have grown to be much more than I ever knew it could be. I believe that whatever happens, is as per his wish.

A marketing enthusiast with psychic abilities looking to find a peaceful place to be me and facilitate others in finding peace.

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