Easy ways to declutter your life

Life is as messy as it is already. Not to mention the people you don’t like constantly hanging around you and getting on your nerves. Furthermore, we make our lives difficult but adding more toxicity in our lives through people and social mediums. I recently felt the need to switch off a TV serial that I was watching just because of the level of intensity it offered was not what my mind could handle, Television or Netflix r should offer rather than an increased sense of tension on our nerves. To decrease the amount of anxiety and clutter that surrounds me, here are some of the steps that I have taken to ensure the safety of my mental health.

  1. Sift through your social media

Social media is a rabbit hole. That provokes a negative thought process, as you sit down in your bed to watch all your friends achieving major life goals while you haven’t even started understanding what you intend to do for the rest of your life. Life seems bleak when you start comparing it to those Perfect Insta and Facebook Posts. So stop following it, have the courage to open up your Facebook/Instagram and freely without any guilt unfollow or mute those people you don’t care about anymore, Marie Kondo style. I did it to my Facebook a couple of years back and realized what a paradigm shift it was and I’ve been doing the same every year since then, the same goes for Instagram.

  1. Purposefully disengage from toxic people

People can be a big reason for stress and stress triggers, hence you must know who they are and what kind of triggers they throw at you. There are two ways to engage with them, either try to build up to their wavelength or create boundaries, because we all know that in some cases such as an office environment, you can’t just disengage with people, but yes, you can build boundaries and set them straight. Be very strict about your boundaries, on one-on-one verbal or social media communications, be sure to keep it strictly professional.

  1. Reinforce Positive Affirmations

In difficult situations, you need someone to tell you that you can make it through this. However, one cannot rely on people, as most people don’t even know how to offer the kind of comfort you need. Hence, Download the app Daily Affirmations to offer you a breath of Positive vibes every single day and throughout the day as well. Make it the wallpaper of your home screen or lock screen. As you wake up and brush your teeth read out the affirmations to yourself as you go through your morning routine. This way the affirmations embed themselves into your mind and you remember them by heart and you will find yourself repeating them throughout the day.

  1. Meditate

I cannot stress enough on how important it is to meditate, take your mind off of everything and just be empty. Practice calming breathing exercises, I have spoken about Meditation in this Blog Post, Check that post out for App Recommendations for Meditation.

  1. You Come First

There is absolutely no shame in taking care of yourself, you want to take a day for yourself. Go to a mall, Get a full body massage, eat Popnosh, and grab yourself the Gelato from Cosa Nostra. Do what makes you happy. Stop following and believing what others think is best. What’s best is what you feel inside. Be the REAL YOU.

These are my ways to Declutter my life, comment down below and share your methods as well.

A marketing enthusiast with psychic abilities looking to find a peaceful place to be me and facilitate others in finding peace.

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