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People define themselves as Type A or Type B, I define myself as a moody person. My inability to isolate myself from the vibes around me is something that hinders me from being happy. Doesn’t however change the fact that I am a party loving, outgoing person who is hungry for fun & excitement. That part of me has always been more active than all the others which is why I have always been kind of unable to prepare and plan my life. Somehow I ended up doing whatever everyone wanted me to do and to be fair there was never a point in my life where I knew what I’ll be or what I wanted to be. Most children grow up knowing exactly what they want to be, doctors, engineers or scientists even. However my lack of interest in my studies and job ended up making it hard for me to feel any passion for anything that I did do. In order to find something that I would feel emotionally connected with, something that would make me feel excited or give me a rush that would encourage me to keep moving forward. Which is what happened when I first picked up the pen and started writing. I was confused as heck but then a few good nudges landed me here. Writing poetry which made so much sense to me and I found a community of people who loved to share their work and were super appreciative of what they saw. Even though my Instagram account is a pretty amazing space, there was something missing and I believe this will be that one stop shop for all who want to catch up with me and see my content. So Cheers to new beginnings and crazy adventures.

A marketing enthusiast with psychic abilities looking to find a peaceful place to be me and facilitate others in finding peace.

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About the Author: A marketing expert with an experience in marketing activations and a meditation enthusiast
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