How to make efficient use of hashtags

Hashtags, who knew they would become such a popular phenomenon. The simple pound sign that nobody ever used is now being used around the world to express everything. The greatness of the hashtag is that it can be used for anything from a #throwbackthursdays to popular cultures such as #gamesofthrones. This Hashtag # has captured the world in its grip. While being a great way to express yourself. It is also facilitating the leading companies to enhance their social media campaigns with this hashtag.

How to Hashtags trend?

If a hashtag that you have created for a brand or for whatever purposes and it has been retweeted by a lot of people in a given period of time. It becomes a trending hashtag. This is very tempting for the brands. and this is exactly why brands engage celebrities to tweet their hashtags on all social media which then gets a lot of retweets and shares as the celebrities have a greater number of following.

Who to use the hashtag:

From anyone at all to any big celebrity even company profiles on twitter engage in using hashtags to engage in conversations with their customers. It has become a major phenomenon to start a conversation. #Hashtags help thought leaders to connect with other thought leaders in the industry.

How to make a hashtag:

Making a hashtag can be a fairly difficult task as it not only has to be catchy but also something that connects to the brand and makes sense. Following are some rules on how a hashtag can be made:

  • Find a catchy phrase
  • Scour through the web
  • Find something that resonates with your audience
  • Incorporate your brand name in the hashtag
  • Use multiple hashtags
  • Build on popular cultures such as games of thrones etc

Making your hashtag fun and something that your audience can resonate with is key to making it go viral. Hashtags can be a fun way to create a community of like-minded people. Such as when the game of thrones or house of cards became huge. Every time a new season was about to drop their hashtags were trending on social media.


Examples from Pakistan are as simple as when Prime Minister Imran Khan came back from his tour to America. The hashtag #WelcomebackIK was a huge trend and made it to the news. Major news channels were talking about the trend and artists were drawing up images of him and sharing on social media with the hashtag. Similarly with the Premier’s speech in the United Nations also received a similar response as twitter exploded with multiple hashtags and not only twitter but Facebook also became an amazingly interesting space.

How to use hashtags to up your marketing game?

You can create hashtags around your marketing campaign to engage people on social media. Involve Celebrities to share their post with relevant hashtags and ask consumers to submit their pictures with the product and the hashtag to win a grand prize. Most companies have already done that so this a pretty popular strategy. Similarly involving different influencers to market the product to their own followers will increase the chances of greater sales and better engagement on social media.


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