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Importance of Meditation

Meditation is a powerful source of centering your mind. Which not a lot of people are aware of and using. This is why we must start the conversation about the importance of meditation. Especially how important it is to meditate and to understand the ability of our mind to help ourselves.

As she closed the door behind her, her heart sank and the breeze blew in her face. She could feel the freshness of the fresh air yet the closed door made it hard to see what’s in front of her. Searching for the light she made her way back into the room. Her solitude, her castle. Where only those resided who knew her, who walked with her and who stayed with her.

Meditation is a powerful tool that not only helps us take control of our mind but also pushes us to make better decisions. Understanding the Importance of Meditation is really important for the young generation that is consumed by social media. As society has evolved, so has social media. This has resulted in added pressure on the youngsters. Hence, we need to prepare our young generation to practice meditation to prepare their minds to take over the world and not be consumed by the power of social media and other societal pressures.  Understanding the importance of Meditation is key to our existence in the given circumstances as you can find peace in the middle of all the chaos. Learning to meditate will open up new horizons for you and help you gain perspective in life by decreasing stress levels and enhancing your creativity.

How to meditate?

Finally, all this talk about meditation warrants the question of how to meditate. If you are at the beginner level you must find an app or a youtube video that works for you. There are a lot of guided meditation channels on youtube that teach you how to meditate. Most of these channels offer focused guided meditations as well. Such as law of attraction or sleep peacefully meditations. However, at the beginner level my advice to you would be to go with Headspace. The best app that I have personally used and am a proud user of. It takes you through the process with the help of mini clips of animations to help you understand each meditation. If you subscribe to the service you can have access to a lot of other mindful meditations that take you through the process by teaching you how to meditate.

What do I need to meditate:

Some people think they can’t meditate because they don’t have a mat or a stool to sit on. On the contrary, you don’t need either of those things to meditate. All you need to meditate is a quiet place where you can sit undisturbed for 10 minutes that’s it. With the app Headspace, you can choose the length of the guided meditations as well. This service, however, is not available on youtube videos. The videos uploaded on youtube are generally either half an hour or an hour long. This is why, if you are planning to meditate before bed then use youtube videos as the length of the video makes you fall asleep easily.

List of apps and channels for meditations:

Here is a list of channels and apps that offer guided meditations on play store and youtube.

As a meditation app junkie, I can assure you that either one of these 10 meditations can help you relax in the middle of a chaotic day. These practitioners don’t just guide you but they help teach you to meditate. So once you learn how to meditate you can learn to relax listening to calming music only. As someone who has been using meditation apps for the past 10 years of my life. I can promise you that these guided meditations will train your mind to relax and let go of the fears and anxieties.

This is why Meditation is important:

Meditation is a process of unfolding and folding deep corners of your mind and shining the light in the darkness when there isn’t any hope. Seeking the good inside you and seeking within the meaning of life.

Make your Meditation Process About you and only you.

Focus on what’s missing from your life and try to attain it with all the pure intentions as much as you can. Life isn’t about the material goods it’s so much more. It’s about inner peace, its about happiness and its about finding that sweet spot between calm and chaos, and giving in. Because you cannot change what’s happened but you can change what’s about to come. Meditation not only helps overcome stress but it helps cure depression as well.

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