Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

In the years that I’ve spent working with an experiential marketing agency. I’ve learned a lot about how to make excellent Microsoft Powerpoint presentation and how to wow the room.

It takes real hard work to come up with a custom design for each project. But in the years that I’ve spent as a strategy manager. I’ve learned to make presentations that stand out and deliver the message in a unique story. As a strategy people, our job is to build a story around the big idea. This is how the presentation sells and you get the chance to be in the running for the upcoming project. In agencies, a term is used “getting your foot into the company”. To be able to get your foot in the company you must enter with a bang. Make the project something elaborate and leave no stone unturned so the client knows they seem to know what they are talking about.

Making Microsoft PowerPoint templates

Making Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation can be a fun activity looking through different ideas choosing bold slides and then not so bold slides to communicate the message. Finding the right color combinations to compliment the theme of the campaign. building a story around the campaign and then sharing some statistical analysis on why do you think this activity will be a success. Finding the right template can be a difficult task but once you know what you want it is pretty easy from that time onwards as you strictly stick to what you plan.

The below links will give you a fair idea of how much effort I put into every presentation that I ever make. But its a bloody delightful job. A feeling of satisfaction engulfs you when you know you are done with your presentation.

Here are some of the templates that I personally think are amazing to use as a template for any brand or purpose at all.

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