Pakistani Youth to the Rescue

Corona Relief Tigers Force:
Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a Corona Relief Tigers Force on 28th March. As the lockdown that has been implemented in the major cities of Pakistan has barred local businesses from conducting business activities. The people who used to work on daily wages are now suffering from the inability to earn enough money to buy food for a single day. Hence, the CRTF created by the Prime Minister comes as a relief as their job will be to allocate such households that require rationing. He further recognized that China has fought the virus by servicing those who are in immediate need of rationing. To ensure that the family members did not leave home for any unnecessary reasons.
Pakistani Police and Taftan Border

Pakistan’s Police Force has also been instructed to stop leaving the house for extraneous purposes. PM Imran Khan spoke to the media about the importance of making sure that the people realized the importance of the medical emergency that has been implemented. Press Members also raised questions about the quarantine zone in Taftan that has not been as successful. To which the Premier responded that the Taftan border was not equipped with basic necessities, and it was not a simple task to create a quarantine zone in the desert. He went on to commend the performance of the Pakistan Army and the National Health Services Dr. Mirza, who, on hearing about the situation at the border, visited it himself.
Pakistani’s Stand Together
The Pakistani people have always come together in a time of need and have served the country. By lending a helping hand and helped it stand back up on its feet every time a situation of this magnitude has presented itself. Registrations for CRTF will officially begin on 31st March, which will allow for the Pakistani youth to play an essential role in helping and facilitating the people who need the monthly rationing.

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