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Photo Booth Activation

For a photo booth activation, the thought is to build an activity that can go viral and can create a buzz online. Creating an immaculate photo booth for your consumers is a great way to increase footfall to your stall. As the youth these days is driven to share their experiences on social media. The best way to capitalize on that is by creating a unique photo booth that captures the audience’s attention. Capturing cool pictures at your photo booth is what keeps your activity live and the footfall going. 


With the photo booth activation strategy, you need to think in terms of social media success and trends. Such as what are the hashtags that should be used while uploading the pictures to social media. Creating unique hashtags for your campaign is what will be important before the activation goes live. 

Creating a hashtag that will get its own virality and create a buzz, it is key to develop a hashtag that engages people. Hashtags allow the consumers to share their own pictures with hashtags on social media and be part of the larger group of people who share their pictures. 

To engage more consumers with social media what can be done is offer giveaways upon uploading the pictures with the respective hashtags. Your free giveaways can be key chains or a free sample of the product packed in a cute little basket. 

Choosing the right photo booth:

Looking for the creative photo booth activation ideas I always look for cool ideas on Pinterest there is a lot that can be done with the help of Pinterest. Your creative imagination combined with the creative imagination of the designer, you can produce something amazing for the consumers to interact with. The real question is what type of photo booth will be good for the activity?

Types of Photo Booth Activation: 

  1. A play on light 
  2. 3D photo booth 
  3. Trick Eye photo booth 
  4. Facebook Frame Photobooth 
  5. Creative backdrop 
  6. Automated Selfie Photobooth

A play on light: 

Creating a photo booth with creative lighting effects that can be captured on the phone is a very popular phenomenon. Therefore, a lot of cellphone companies like to create photo booths with creative lighting effects that can land on the consumer’s face and add a flavor to the pictures.

Different types of lighting fixtures make different kinds of designs that can assist in making the most perfect picture come to life. Using the lighting colors of the brand’s color to create a luminescent design can facilitate engaging consumers. Cool and creative lighting fixtures can be created using neon lights. Especially, for a nighttime event, you can create an amazing logo of the brand with the help of neon lights. 

From creating playful designs to creating the most simplistic designs neon lights make the pictures come to life. With their iridescent lighting effect and the glowing effect on consumers can create instagramable pictures. 

3D Photo Booth: 

3D photo booths are large fabricated structures that the consumers can interact with directly. Depending upon your brand, you can create large fabricated structures to match the theme of the activation.

For instance, if you are conducting an activation about a new strawberry flavor of yogurt. You can create a large strawberry-shaped sofa or couch that consumers can sit on. Along with, the strawberry sofa or couch you can add other fruity elements like syrup or more strawberries around the couch to enhance the ambiance. Furthermore, you can fabricate a frame of 10 feet height and 6 feet wide, where consumers can stand inside the frame and capture pictures.

These kinds of fabricated 3D photo booths can consist of hashtags embedded in them. Such as in the case of the strawberry you can have the “#strawberryrocks” written in neon light and placed above the couch. This way your hashtag can be incorporated in every picture the consumers take. Think of the social media impact it will create. 

Trick Eye Photo Booth: 

Making a trick eye photo booth can be really fun. Also, It can be literally anything in the world. There is an Upside-down house museum in Brighton, England.

This museum is open for consumers from all around the world. It has everything placed upside down. From the Entryway to bathroom everything is upside down and is quite a tourist spot. Trick Eye Photobooth can be anything at all in a small space. The good thing from an agency’s perspective is that it takes much less space. However, there is one very serious downside which is the fact that the fabrication has to be extremely sturdy. Because you can’t have the structures falling down on consumers. 

This stall won’t take more than 8×8 space and can be easily stashed on any location for any activity. It is primarily a box that can be carried anywhere. It depends on the creativity of the consumers to imagine how they can play with it and capture fun pictures. 

Facebook Frame Photobooth: 

It is hardly a photo booth but it plays a great role in being a perfect way to capture some cool pictures.

This photo frame has the design of a Facebook post. With an empty part in the middle to allow for consumers to place themselves in the frame. You can capture some pretty cool images with the hashtags and handles of the post already mentioned on the frame. 

The frame can have multiple hashtags and the name of your brand on the top of the cutout. This way you can capture the name of the brand and the hashtags both at the same time. Furthermore, think about the number of likes and the social media virality it can receive when every consumer takes a photo of themselves with the hashtag.

Creative Backdrop: 

Creating the perfect photo booth requires a lot of imagination on part of the designer as well as the strategy team. to be able to find just the right design is really important.

Especially, how much money is the client willing to spend on the photo booth. You can always create a fancy photo booth with a neon light text on top with some sofa or seating area for the consumers. Depending on how much space you get you can create a wonderful photo booth with the help of the perfect backdrop.

Backdrop plays a key role in developing the most inspiring photo booths that capture the eyes of the consumers. With a creative photo booth backdrop, you have to pay attention to the seating in front and make sure that your consumers are the highlight of the photo as the spotlight should be on them.  

Automated Selfie Photo Booth: 

You can always use the automated selfie booths at any event as they are easy to deploy and require no manpower at the photo booth to capture these shots. Automated Selfie Photo Booths are basically a screen with a capture button. When the button has pressed the timer of 3 to 5 seconds begins and you have to pose within that time. Once the time is over the selfie is captured. Likewise, in some forms of these photo booths pictures can be printed on the spot. Alternatively, all your pictures are directly uploaded on the Facebook Event page. 

The setup of this photo booth can be as simple as placing a selfie photo booth without any backdrop. For instance, if your event is very glamourous and has a lot of lighting and incorporates a lot of colors then you can let the event be the backdrop for the pictures. Alternatively, you can have a backdrop specifically designed for the photo booth and it can be as creative as you want it to be. 

Final Word: 

You can develop a creative photo booth using any of these ideas to spruce up your event. Consumers can engage with the photo booth and you will be able to capture the whole activity on your social media. Alongside, capturing the activity on social media, you will also have access to the profiles of your consumers. This allows you to understand your target audience better. 

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