Procrastination: Good or Bad?

I love to take time to do everything leisurely at my own pace, you can call it procrastination or you can call it my pace. Should you procrastinate, or should anyone procrastinate for that matter no, not really, but here’s the catch, my creative spark generates from procrastination. Delaying the process to think, and think openly about the subject at hand, I’ve always sat down to write one thing and ended up writing another. Not because I was looking for a better project rather I found a better subject as I did my research. No, I don’t intentionally delay anything, it’s more of a leisure thing. I bide my time to spend it according to my methods, for instance, If I have the opportunity to spend 3 hours on something, I’ll be spending 1 hour on panicking about how I’ll complete it, second-hour researching to find something to emulate, and then comes the last dreadful hour that I’ll spend writing it.

What people need to learn in our society when it comes to working is that when you are trying to work on a project to make a presentation on an idea or brand, you will need ample time to research on the brand. Find relevant material, understand the look n’ feel and what is the vibe of the brand.

The Process of Procrastination:

  1. Research
  2. Deliberation & Ideation
  3. Theme Development
  4. Final Product

This process will remain the same for more or less every person in the agency life or else in marketing. Procrastination is not good for you and it should be avoided at all costs, however, I am merely suggesting that indulging a little, in your thought process can’t be that bad. But then how do you stop procrastination?

Here are some techniques on how to stop procrastination,

  1. First of all, don’t label it as procrastination:

You’re not procrastinating as long as you are spending your time wisely, researching and brainstorming or merely thinking about the task at hand. As soon as you label it as procrastination, your brain accepts the fact that right now we are delaying the task. Labels do matter and your brain carries out each task as per the label suggests. Hence break down your process of procrastination and name it.

  1. Think about the value addition:

Thinking about the value chain in the process of procrastination, is there any benefit to be reaped from this process, if not then think about it carefully as to while you procrastinate there must be something that you achieved from it. It can be research or discussion with others for better understanding. In some cases, the method of procrastination may be an indulgent process of letting your thought process flow.

  1. Time yourself:

It all depends on the fact that you should be able to achieve it within the given time. Set timers or use the Forest: Stay focused app to time your sessions or search the Pomodoro method on YouTube, to find lots of motivation from the Pomodoro method.

  1. Evaluate yourself

Evaluate and rate yourself, did you finish the task in the given period or not, was the job completed before or did you take unnecessarily long to complete. Make sure that there is some sort of checklist to ensure that you rigorously maintain some kind of check and balance on yourself, to ensure timely delivery of work.

I do use some of these and do let me know what works for you in the comments below.

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