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I was watching a video recently on ikagai and the guy teaching it said in the video “try to remember what did you used to do as a 7-year-old. Now that is a very long time ago, yet I was able to remember the only thing I truly enjoyed was writing. Keeping a diary of all my emotions and writing down everything. Consequently, when I decided to write It did not happen that naturally for me, even though I’ve always felt like words are my friends.

However, it can be difficult for people to begin writing without clarity on what topic to write about. Especially since there is so much to talk about and it can be hard to focus your mind on one element.

Hence, an app that can help ignite my imaginative side, by offering a topic to write on, was a Godsend. While downloading multiple apps that cater to writing and share interesting writing prompts, One application stood out that is Writing Challenge.

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Traumatized by the loss of my mother, it’s been difficult to write down or even find time to pen down my thoughts. On such occasion, this app came out to be the one that helped me start writing again.

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One night laying in bed trying to sleep and being unable to because I’ve still not adjusted to the reality, the thought of browsing through the Writer Challenge App came to my mind. In a few moments, not only did I browse through the app but I also found a very interesting challenge to write about, which was titled as the coffee shop.

Minutes later my mind was racing with the ideas of how to build the story and my thumbs trying to keep up with the flow and about 15 minutes later, happy with what was written, the content was published. It felt as though a weight had been lifted, the lightness settled in as the night went on, whatever was written was now available to all the people who used the app to read.


That night some realizations came to me, which were:  
1) Practice, always practice as much as you can.
2) Read, relevant material or even irrelevant material. Because reading builds your brain’s capacity to think in certain ways.
3) Time, Try to sit down and dedicate time to writing if you keep moving about and not dedicate yourself mentally. Nothing will be on that piece of paper at the end of the day.
4) Stay on topic and be patient till the end. 

These are the simplest of tips once can practice working on their writing skill. What’s fun about this app is that you get the community responds to your content, by commenting on it and liking the post. some of mine where as follows: 


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