The Morning Madness

The Morning Madness is about the time you wake up to the time everything goes silent. Every morning you must wake up and face the different realities that surround you. Waking up each day to face the same old truth over and over again can be a terrible feeling. Yet we must find a way to cope with reality. So in order to understand the feelings of a young distressed woman the following article will give you an idea about the pain she goes through.

Waking up every day and trying to open her eyes to the same old reality was a challenge, she has yet to conquer. That’s what she loved and hated about sleeping the most the fact that it came and went so quickly. Not to forget the horrid dreams she kept seeing. Unable to control her mind from going back to each dream and analyzing it. What did it mean? Does every dream have a meaning or some are just meaningless conjunctions of our mind and subconscious desires that take the form of a dream?

Rattled by the questions every day her mind was a jungle of thoughts and fears that conjured up into a fearless monster chasing after her every single day where she kept trying to escape it.

However, demons aren’t that easy to get rid of, are they?

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Demons: They wouldn’t be called demons had they been easy to get rid of. Constantly fearing her demons and trying to live a normal life as an adult, makes life a little hard to live. She kept whining and moaning her heart couldn’t find peace in anything that ever happened. Yet the world around her expected nothing but perfect from her. Her heart sank as she realized its time to wake up again and face the world.

After each dreadful night came the morning madness which should be a time to cherish as the mornings are more productive than the evening time. Not for her though. She had to face the harsh reality of life and become someone who she wasn’t. She must wear the garb of adulthood and carry on with the day as a normal person meanwhile her mind played tricks on her every step of the way.

Inside her was a storm blowing however she carried on as if it doesn’t exist. She spent her day in the casual chores of maintaining the house, yet her mind wasn’t ever at peace. Finding inner peace is something that she has to work on she told herself. “You can’t carry on like this, No one can”, she mumbled aloud and caught herself. It’s not going to be easy yet it has to happen. She had to stir up the courage to do what has to be done. And she will. Demons or no demons life goes on.

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