The Unsweet Sweet Affairs

The excitement of enjoying a delicious meal at Sweet Affairs was bubbling inside me as my Careem Driver took yet another turn to find the restaurant. Hilariously enough, our whole group of friends was unable to locate it.

Meanwhile, it offers ample seating space on the floor above. Even though the service was slow, time seemed to fly by while we adored the Interior of the Café. The decor of the restaurant caught our attention, especially the Edison Bulbs decor, which adds quite a unique stylistic touch to the aesthetic of the room

As our food arrived, we were more than excited to start eating, barely finding enough time to capture a few clicks. The food not only looked good, but the smell of it was intoxicating. One after another plate of food kept coming to the table to delight our taste buds. The 4 kinds of cheese – #BRICKOVENPIZZA was a delight while all types of pasta were soft and the sauces delicious. Each dish offered its own variety of flavorful mix to the mouth while the steam floated about each bite.

Thin Crust of the pizza and the cheesy mix had us craving more. The Pasta Aurora with Fried Feta was perfectly spiced while the sauce and the chicken were tender enough to melt in your mouth. The Crispy Chicken Spinach Salad lacked Spinach and any semblance of a salad, it seemed to be an individual dish rather than being a salad side dish.

Dishes & Portion sizes

Each dish was delicious and added a unique taste to the palate; meanwhile, the portions were much smaller than the other cafés. For someone like me, who orders more and eats less, that didn’t seem to be a problem. The drinks were amazing as the mason jars were filled to the brim with icy deliciousness, as the soothing drink nestled inside.

One fresh lime turned out to be a letdown as it is generally served in a glass rather than a mason jar and came to be only half a Jar. When we complained the servers made excuses and left. Which happened quite a lot throughout our dining experience. As we kept running into one pickle or another.

Lack of Servers and Concluding remarks

All the sweet affairs staff kept informing us that the lack of servers was because some of the staff were on leave, which clearly did not concern us. Regardless, the food quality spoke for itself. We ate everything and finished up the entire meal. Nothing was left unfinished, and I assume that speaks of the addictive flavors. It is a perfectly sound place for a nice sit down chat with your friends and cozy night out with someone special to talk or just to enjoy a simple yet elegant meal.

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