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Traveling: Murree Edition

The GPO building stood tall in front of us as we swerved our car around the corner to find a suitable parking, might I add it is a task to find car parking on the streets of Murree.

Parking our car, we walked across the road to the General Post Office building, a landmark. It was a serene view to look at the people casually lounging on the steps of the building. Down the lane from GPO, was the street that is known as the Mall Road of Murree. As we went in, to find ourselves a restaurant for breakfast, we found a place, with a nice cozy corner to settle down in and eat breakfast whilst enjoy the views from the windows. The breakfast was luxurious, Halva Puri Channay, Omelets and Toasted Bread with small packets of jam and butter served separately. The Tea was a God Sent at that restaurant, it was unbelievably good. As we left the restaurant we ran into a hawker selling sweet berries, which we bought and ate as we headed back to the car. Now our journey was from Murree to Changla Gali, which meant that here onwards, we will embark on the Abbottabadroad, which is covered in heavenly views of the mountains. Arriving at Changla Gali, we stopped off at a chai dhabba to have some tea and find the Summit Apartments, where we were staying at for the next couple of days. The chai at these dhabas was the best, and the toilets were the worst. We stayed at The Summit Apartments and the views were out of this world beautiful. With the views of the valley and a festive road, where music played on the stereo till 1:00 am, the nightlife was quite a thing to see. I still remember my parents sitting on the balcony, talking to each other and enjoying the night time views. Rest of the activities from the remaining days will be covered in another post, here I leave you with the gallery of images that I captured randomly with Huji Cam and the pictures of the room at summit apartments.

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