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What is an Experiential Marketing Agency

An experiential marketing firm is an agency that you partner with to conduct activations on your behalf. If you want to engage half a million people with an activity. All the work that you need to do to make it happen is performed by the activation agency.

An activation agency comprises of 5 key departments.

  • Strategy and Creative Department
  • Client Servicing Department
  • Financial Department
  • Operations Department
  • IT and admin Department

Now you may ask what does each of the department do. Each department plays a significant role in accomplishing the client’s objectives. So let’s dive into the responsibilities of each and every department to figure out exactly what their Job Descriptions are.

Client Servicing Department:

Firstly, The client-serving department plays the most important role in the agency. As the whole business depends on the client servicing department’s ability to convince the client to give the project to you.

From entering the brand’s list of vendors to the point they ask you to take the project. The client servicing team needs to be on top of their game to ensure they secure the project. Essentially, the client servicing team’s job is to secure projects from various companies. Now how do they go about it? It is completely up to them. Some clients prefer to have the strategy team and the client servicing team to be on their beck and call all the time. While others send the RFP(Request for Proposal) and wait for the response.

However, you may go about it, at the end of the day getting the project is what matters. This means that the client servicing department has to closely work with the strategy team to share the brief. Making sure that the strategy team has a clear idea about the brief is one of the most pivotal jobs of the Client Servicing department.

Strategy and Creative Department:

Secondly, The Strategy and creative department is the core of the agency. The strategy team upon receiving the client brief sits down with the client servicing team and comes up with a plan of action. Both teams combine their efforts to come up with a plan that achieves the objectives set by the client.

First of all, the strategy team sits among themselves to come up with a big idea. An idea that will translate into a campaign for the brand to run. In order to achieve the desired results the strategy team brainstorms and comes up with multiple ideas that can achieve the desired target. Once the ideas are selected the strategy team then sits with the creative team to design some key visuals for the campaign. These key visuals can be the artworks for the entire campaign or can simply be mock-ups of what the on-ground campaign would look like. The creative team then aligns and distributes the work among themselves and works on the campaign.

One person from the strategy team is asked to take lead on the whole project and keep alignment with the creative team. Ensuring that the key visuals are delivered on time. Alongside, ensuring that the design requirements are being met.

Financial Department:

As the name suggests the finance department ensures the timely delivery of funds. To the operation team and ensure the smooth flow of activity. Not only does the finance department carry out the process of delivering the finances. As well as that, it is also responsible for ensuring the timely recovery of funds from various clients.

Operations Department:

The operations department is one of the key pillars of the organization. All the activations are conducted by the operations team. Once the design team delivers the visuals its the operations team’s job to bring these visuals to life.

This is why this department is segregated into further departments such as Procurement, Planning, and Execution team. First of all, The procurement team as the name suggests is responsible for procuring the required material for an activation. From a small nail to the largest of materials all are procured by the procurement team by cross-referencing various quotes submitted by different vendors. Secondly, The Planning team is responsible for making the cost of each and every activation that comes from the strategy team. The strategy team at this point sits down with the operations team to give clear guidelines on how to develop the cost. Lastly the Execution team is the people who go in the field and get the job done. From day to night these people spend there days on the road making sure that the projects are accomplished with clarity and performed to excellence.

As a whole, the entire team works together to meet the objectives set by the client in the brief.

IT and Admin Department:

From making sure you never run out of printing paper to ensuring the Wifi in the office is stable. This department is responsible for every tiny little detail that makes you comfortable at the office. Furthermore, the IT department is responsible for making sure that everyone has access to the internet and every laptop is running on full capacity.

Final Word:

As a whole, the entire agency has to come together to produce remarkable events that make a lasting impression on the minds of the consumers. At the end of the day, you are not just an employee. You are an integral part of the project securing process. This is why you must succeed in securing the project for the company for the greater good and your own satisfaction. It is not one person’s contribution that wins projects. It takes the whole company to make a mark in the market and win projects.

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