What to do when you need a break

Have you ever felt the need for a time-out? What to do when you need a break can be a really tough question! With lots of answers, everyone has there own way of timing out. To just isolate yourself into oblivion. If any of these thoughts have been coursing through your mind then this blog post is for you. Taking out time can be hard when you don’t know what to do to cleanse your aura. In days like these, it feels necessary to just take some time out and take breaks from all of the stuff that is going around you.

Here is my list of things on what to do when you need a break:

  1. Play

  2. Take long walks

  3. sit in silence

  4. Breathe in and out

  5. Take a hot shower


Don’t know what to do when you need a break. Well, play some ludo. Yes, something as simple as playing can be so miraculously cleansing and healthy. Something that takes your mind off of the reality around you. what to play you might be wondering? Anything from real board games to online board games and online games such as Ludo and Monopoly that help you interact with your friends and family on a digital space all the while maintaining distance(given the current situation). Click on the links to download the apps from Google Play Store.

Take long walks:

Take yourself out of the environment for some time this helps you gain perspective and be on your own. Walk around the house or go to a park, breathe in the fresh air and take in your surroundings. Listen to the birds chirping and the greenery growing around you. Walking can really help clear out your mind and relax some jittery nerves as you get in some much-needed distance and work out. It improves cardiovascular functions which are good for your heart I have been in the habit of taking a 30-minute walk every day since I was a kid.

Sit in Silence

Take 10 minutes out of your daily routine at night and just sit outside in the dark for 10 minutes to listen to nothing. Dong nothing for 10 minutes, no phones, no devices. Just let your mind have a rest. Just breathe and listen to the silence and let it engulf you. It is a very mindful technique of relaxing your brain and body by being one with nature and letting your inner self go.

Breathe In & Breathe Out

I bet you’ve heard of this before, Inhale and exhale. Take one long breathe in and hold it and then let it out slowly. Do you want to know if it helps? Of course, it does. Do we practice it? Of course not. When have we ever done something that is genuinely good for us? Never! I would recommend using the Calm App to beat anxiety and enjoy deep sleep. It offers a number of mindful guided meditations to calm your mind and help you sleep better. Sit in a comfortable pose in a place where you are only focused on your breaths and the app.

Take a hot shower:

You read it right, Take a hot shower, or a bath. whats more cleansing than a long bath relaxing your body and mind. Long Showers are good too if don’t wallow in your thoughts too much.

It’s all about letting go of the reins to your mind for some time and letting it all go. releasing the worries, stress, and fears that surround you for a couple of moments to center your thoughts and align your self with God’s plan.

A marketing enthusiast with psychic abilities looking to find a peaceful place to be me and facilitate others in finding peace.

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